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file  base64.h [code]
 data stream support to input and output from/to base64 stream base64 is easier to store and pass as text format in mapreduce
file  bitfield.h [code]
file  categorical.h [code]
file  charconv.h [code]
file  column_matrix.h [code]
 Utility for fast column-wise access.
file  common.h [code]
 Common utilities.
file  compressed_iterator.h [code]
file  config.h [code]
 helper class to load in configures from file
file  group_data.h [code]
 this file defines utils to group data by integer keys Input: given input sequence (key,value), (k1,v1), (k2,v2) Ouptupt: an array of values data = [v1,v2,v3 .. vn] and a group pointer ptr, data[ptr[k]:ptr[k+1]] contains values that corresponds to key k
file  hist_util.h [code]
 Utility for fast histogram aggregation.
file  io.h [code]
 general stream interface for serialization, I/O
file  linalg_op.h [code]
file  math.h [code]
 additional math utils
file  observer.h [code]
file  partition_builder.h [code]
file  probability_distribution.h [code]
 Implementation of a few useful probability distributions.
file  pseudo_huber.h [code]
file  quantile.h [code]
 util to compute quantiles
file  random.h [code]
 Utility related to random.
file  row_set.h [code]
 Quick Utility to compute subset of rows.
file  survival_util.h [code]
 Utility functions, useful for implementing objective and metric functions for survival analysis.
file  threading_utils.h [code]
file  timer.h [code]
file  transform.h [code]
file  version.h [code]