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io.h File Reference

general stream interface for serialization, I/O More...

#include <dmlc/io.h>
#include <rabit/rabit.h>
#include <string>
#include <cstring>
#include "common.h"
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class  xgboost::common::PeekableInStream
 Input stream that support additional PeekRead operation, besides read. More...
class  xgboost::common::FixedSizeStream
 A simple class used to consume ‘dmlc::Stream’ all at once. More...


 namespace of xgboost


using xgboost::common::MemoryFixSizeBuffer = rabit::utils::MemoryFixSizeBuffer
using xgboost::common::MemoryBufferStream = rabit::utils::MemoryBufferStream


std::string xgboost::common::LoadSequentialFile (std::string uri, bool stream=false)
 Helper function for loading consecutive file to avoid dmlc Stream when possible. More...
std::string xgboost::common::FileExtension (std::string fname, bool lower=true)
 Get file extension from file name. More...
std::string xgboost::common::ReadAll (dmlc::Stream *fi, PeekableInStream *fp)
 Read the whole buffer from dmlc stream. More...

Detailed Description

general stream interface for serialization, I/O

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