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data.h File Reference

The input data structure of xgboost. More...

#include <dmlc/base.h>
#include <dmlc/data.h>
#include <dmlc/serializer.h>
#include <xgboost/base.h>
#include <xgboost/host_device_vector.h>
#include <xgboost/linalg.h>
#include <xgboost/span.h>
#include <xgboost/string_view.h>
#include <algorithm>
#include <limits>
#include <memory>
#include <numeric>
#include <string>
#include <utility>
#include <vector>
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class  xgboost::MetaInfo
 Meta information about dataset, always sit in memory. More...
struct  xgboost::Entry
 Element from a sparse vector. More...
struct  xgboost::BatchParam
 Parameters for constructing histogram index batches. More...
struct  xgboost::HostSparsePageView
class  xgboost::SparsePage
 In-memory storage unit of sparse batch, stored in CSR format. More...
class  xgboost::CSCPage
class  xgboost::ExtSparsePage
 Sparse page for exporting DMatrix. Same as SparsePage, just a different type to prevent being used internally. More...
class  xgboost::SortedCSCPage
class  xgboost::BatchIteratorImpl< T >
class  xgboost::BatchIterator< T >
class  xgboost::BatchSet< T >
class  xgboost::DMatrix
 Internal data structured used by XGBoost during training. More...
struct  dmlc::serializer::Handler< xgboost::Entry >


 namespace of xgboost


enum class  xgboost::DataType : uint8_t {
  xgboost::kFloat32 = 1 , xgboost::kDouble = 2 , xgboost::kUInt32 = 3 , xgboost::kUInt64 = 4 ,
  xgboost::kStr = 5
 data type accepted by xgboost interface More...
enum class  xgboost::FeatureType : uint8_t { xgboost::kNumerical = 0 , xgboost::kCategorical = 1 }
enum class  xgboost::DataSplitMode : int { xgboost::kRow = 0 , xgboost::kCol = 1 }


 DECLARE_FIELD_ENUM_CLASS (xgboost::DataSplitMode)
 dmlc::DMLC_DECLARE_TRAITS (is_pod, xgboost::Entry, true)

Detailed Description

The input data structure of xgboost.

Copyright 2015-2023 by XGBoost Contributors

Tianqi Chen

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DECLARE_FIELD_ENUM_CLASS ( xgboost::DataSplitMode  )