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xgboost::RegTree::CategoricalSplitMatrix Struct Reference

CSR-like matrix for categorical splits. More...

#include <tree_model.h>

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struct  Segment

Public Attributes

common::Span< FeatureType const > split_type
common::Span< uint32_t const > categories
common::Span< Segment const > node_ptr

Detailed Description

CSR-like matrix for categorical splits.

The fields of split_categories_segments_[i] are set such that the range node_ptr[beg:(beg+size)] stores the bitset for the matching categories for the i-th node.

Member Data Documentation

◆ categories

common::Span<uint32_t const> xgboost::RegTree::CategoricalSplitMatrix::categories

◆ node_ptr

common::Span<Segment const> xgboost::RegTree::CategoricalSplitMatrix::node_ptr

◆ split_type

common::Span<FeatureType const> xgboost::RegTree::CategoricalSplitMatrix::split_type

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