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 base.hDefines configuration macros of xgboost
 c_api.hC API of XGBoost, used for interfacing to other languages
 data.hThe input data structure of xgboost
 feature_map.hFeature map data structure to help visualization and model dump
 gbm.hInterface of gradient booster, that learns through gradient statistics
 global_config.hGlobal configuration for XGBoost
 host_device_vector.hA device-and-host vector abstraction layer
 intrusive_ptr.hImplementation of Intrusive Ptr
 learner.hLearner interface that integrates objective, gbm and evaluation together. This is the user facing XGBoost training module
 linalg.hLinear algebra related utilities
 metric.hInterface of evaluation metric function supported in xgboost
 model.hDefines the abstract interface for different components in XGBoost
 objective.hInterface of objective function used by xgboost
 parameter.hMacro for using C++11 enum class as DMLC parameter
 predictor.hInterface of predictor, performs predictions for a gradient booster
 tree_model.hModel structure for tree
 tree_updater.hGeneral primitive for tree learning, Updating a collection of trees given the information
 base64.hData stream support to input and output from/to base64 stream base64 is easier to store and pass as text format in mapreduce
 column_matrix.hUtility for fast column-wise access
 common.hCommon utilities
 config.hHelper class to load in configures from file
 group_data.hThis file defines utils to group data by integer keys Input: given input sequence (key,value), (k1,v1), (k2,v2) Ouptupt: an array of values data = [v1,v2,v3 .. vn] and a group pointer ptr, data[ptr[k]:ptr[k+1]] contains values that corresponds to key k
 hist_util.hUtility for fast histogram aggregation
 io.hGeneral stream interface for serialization, I/O
 math.hAdditional math utils
 probability_distribution.hImplementation of a few useful probability distributions
 quantile.hUtil to compute quantiles
 random.hUtility related to random
 row_set.hQuick Utility to compute subset of rows
 survival_util.hUtility functions, useful for implementing objective and metric functions for survival analysis